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Around Minnesota

These discussions are about local environmental health resources for environmentally sensitive Minnesotans.

4 Aug 8, 2016
EI/MCS drs. in MN
by bubsie


This classifieds section is intended to help sensitive members who live in (or are visiting) Minnesota find similarly sensitive roommates, less-toxic housing, less-toxic services, less-toxic stuff, etc.

1 Jun 7, 2015
Driveway or yard to sleep in car in?
by Ana


These discussions address a variety of food resources and topics that may be of interest to Minnesotans with food sensitivities, food allergies, food intolerances, and chemical sensitivities; or else who are just looking to eat less-toxic food.

13 Jan 30, 2014
Reply by Site Facilitator

Healthier Spaces

These discussions are for sharing information about how to create, and find, less-toxic and less-immunologically stressful spaces in Minnesota.

9 May 14, 2016
Looking for housing alterative in the Twin Cities for 89 yr old mother and brother - both chemical sensitive
by biosnowman


These discussions are for brainstorming innovative ways to overcome environmental health obstacles.

4 Apr 30, 2012
Policy Innovation
by Site Facilitator

Minnesota Air Quality

These discussions are about indoor and outdoor air quality topics that may affect the health of Minnesotans.

4 Nov 22, 2016
Air Quality and Health Equity Forum
by Environmental Initiative

Minnesota Concerns

These discussions address specific local and Minnesota-wide environmental health topics of concern.

4 May 25, 2016
Reply by fedup

Minnesota Water Quality

These discussions are about a variety of water quality issues that may affect the health of Minnesotans.

4 Mar 23, 2012
Minnesota Tap Water
by Site Facilitator


a little of this, and a little of that

1 Apr 25, 2012
Green and Healthy
by Site Facilitator

Mold & Other Biotoxins

1 Jun 2, 2012
Mold Resources
by Site Facilitator

Personal Care

2 Sep 22, 2015
Reply by lauren Kelsey

Radiation and EMF

6 Jun 9, 2016
Reply by Site Facilitator


These discussions are especially for friends, family members, and other concerned supporters of sensitive Minnesotans.

4 Jun 10, 2013
Reply by Miche123

Tech Savvy

If you have environmental health technological, internet, or social media savvy that you would like to share--or if you would like to see what others have to share about these topics--these are the discussions for you.

3 Oct 29, 2014
Reply by Kat Kean

Website Help

If you have questions about how to use this website, you may contribute to, or start, new discussions in this website help category. Please first check for more information on the "Help" page under the "About Us" tab, or see if your question has already been answered within these discussions. Please also help answer other members' questions about how to use this website if you know the answers yourself.

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Air Quality Forecast

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN - Air Quality Forecast

Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

Today, 02/25/2017: Good - 50 AQI - Particle Pollution (2.5 microns)

Agency: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Last Update: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 01:45:11 CST



Why Use Images of Canaries?

Canaries are known to be sensitive to toxic fumes, so miners used to bring the birds into mines with them as an early danger warning system. That's why “a canary in a coal mine” became an expression used for describing a person who provides early warning of a coming danger. For the environmentally ill who are sensitive to toxic fumes, the expression seems especially apt. That is why some of us refer to ourselves as canaries.


Just because something worked well for someone else does not mean it would work well or be healthy for you. This site is not meant to treat, diagnose, or provide medical advice. Do not take steps that could affect your health without consulting with your health care providers. The content on this website is for informational purposes only. Environmental Illness Network Minnesota is not responsible for, and does not necessarily hold the opinions of, members, member-moderators, or third party content contributors. You should be aware that if you post any health related information on this website it will be considered public information. Please review the Terms of Service, Guidelines, and Privacy Policy.

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